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Our Group

ALPS group members at DESY are:

Croatto, Sandy engineer ALPS II, detector develop.
Heuchel, Daniel postdoc IAXO, AI
Lindner, Axel staff scientist group head
Oceano, Isabella postdoc ALPS II detector develop.
Raymond, Harry student  
Reinhardt, Christoph scientist cryogenic mirrors, cryoplatform
Reuther, David engineer ALPS II, safety
Ringwald, Andreas staff scientist theory
Rubiera Gimeno, Jose A. PhD student ALPS II detector develop.
Schaffran, Jörn staff scientist laser safety, MADMAX, cryoplatform
Schneekloth, Uwe staff scientist ALPS II, IAXO
Schwemmbauer, Christina PhD student ALPS II detector develop., dark matter
Singh, Udai Raj scientist cryoplatform, cryo exp.
Spector, Aaron scientist ALPS II optics
Wei, Li-Wei postdoc ALPS II optics


Members of other DESY groups formally also attached to ALPS are:

Januschek, Friederike staff scientist ALPS II, detector develop.
Karstensen, Sven enginieer controls
Kottler, Sandra IT specialist  
Krause, Stephanie assistent  


Members seconded from other institutes are:

Hallal, Ayman (U. Florida) scientist ALPS II optics
Karan, Kanioar (Cardiff U.) scientist ALPS II optics
Kozlowski, Todd (U. of Florida) PhD student ALPS II optics
Shah, Rikhav (U. of Mainz) PhD student ALPS II detector develop.


Freelancer working with ALPS:

Trines, Dieter scientist ALPS II, magnets