ALPS workshops, seminars, invited lectures

The workshops, seminars and invited lectures which took place at DESY in Hamburg, organized or invited by ALPS collaboration.




Time & Place 


QED vacuum birefringence Workshop

  November 1-3, DESY, Hamburg

First results from the new PVLAS apparatus: a new limit on vacuum magnetic birefringence

Guido Zavattini (Ferrara)

January 14, t.b.d




Time & Place 


Axion-like-particles from X-ray excess in galaxy clusters?

Alexandre Payez


January 17, 12:00 , Sem. room 3a

Forward-Backward asymmetrie and the weak mixing angle with e^+e^- pairs at ATLAS

Christoph Weinsheimer


February 13, 10:30, Sem. room 3a

 Activities at KAIST

Yannis Semertzidis


 February 27, 14:00, Sem. room 4a

Informal discussion on ADMX and other WISP DM searches

Leslie Rosenberg

(Seattle, ADMX)

April 25, 14:00, Sem. room 3a

Peculiarities of light scattering by structural inhomogeneities in hydrogen bonded liquids

Natali Kuzkowa


July 9, 13:00, Sem. room 3a




Time & Place 


EDELWEISS III project -The rejection performance of its cryogenic germanium detectors

Noemie Bastidon

(University of Hamburg)

December 6, 2pm, Sem. room 5

Dark Matter: A light move Workshop  

Andrei Lobanov (MPIfR)

Igor Irastorza (Zaragoza)

Michael Betz (CERN)

Axel Lindner (DESY)

Joerg Jaeckel (Heidelberg)

Javier Redondo (LMU Munich)

Pierre Sikivie (Florida)

Marek Kowalski (Bonn)

Dieter Horns (Hamburg)

June 17-18, DESY, Hamburg

Laser interferometry in gravitational wave and axion detectors

Guido Mueller (Florida)

May 27, 2 pm, Sem. room 7a

The BMV experiment: recent results

Carlo Rizzo (CNRS) 

April 8, 3 pm, Sem. room 3a

Updates on bending techniques for the HERA magnet beam pipes

Dieter Trines


April 5, 2pm, Sem. room 5 



Giuseppe Ruoso (Legnaro) 

March 21, 2 pm, Sem. room 3a

Searching for axion and axion-like particle cold dark matter

Javier Redondo

(MPP Munich) 

March 8, 2 pm, Sem. room 3




Time & Place 


The design for the ALPS-II breadboard Robin Bähre
(AEI Hannover)
December 21st, 3 pm, seminar room 5
Limits on hidden photons from electron beam dumps Sarah Andreas (DESY) December 17th, 2 pm, seminar room 5
Setting-up of an 143 km free-space quantum teleportation experiment
--photon collection and denoising
Daqing Wang (Vienna) December 13th, 10 am, seminar room 3a 

Nature Article

Shining light on modifications of gravity Clare Burrage
November 12th 2012, 2 pm, seminar room 3

Axion-like  particle and hidden photon search with a microwave shining through the wall experiment

Michael Betz (CERN)   October 15th, 2 pm, seminar room 6
 Data-Analysis of the OSQAR Experiment and Latest Results  Matthias Schott (CERN)  September 27th, 3:15 pm, seminar room 3
 ALPS-I recap, an insider's perspective  Dieter Notz (DESY)   September 7th, 2 pm, seminar room 5
 ALPS-I recap  Friederike Januschek
 August 10th, 1 pm, directorate's room
 WISP-searches at KEK  Takayuki Tomaru (KEK) July 13th, 11 am, directorate's room
 TeV transparency of the universe and a possible explanation through ALPs  Manuel
(Uni HH)
June 27th, 12 am, seminar room 5,
 Changing the index of refraction for ALPS-II with helium  Dieter Trines
  June 13th, 2 pm, seminar room 3a
 Cavity Power build up for ALPS-II  
June 6th, 2 pm, seminar room 3a
 Photon-ALP-oscillations, theory  Babette
May 23rd, 5 pm, seminar room 5